Oxnard root canal

Oxnard Root Canal

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Root canal in Oxnard

Oxnard root canal
Oxnard root canal

Root canal is performed at Oxnard Dental gently and with skilled precision, aided by the advancements in technology that have made what was once a procedure that had a bad reputation into one that is largely comfortable and that most patients say produces very little pain or none at all.

The causes are either bacterial infection that takes hold in the pulp inside your tooth, or the damage of that pulp due to a traumatic accident or injury. Infection is the most common, and it is able to occur when a large cavity, loose or lost filling, or chipped or cracked tooth compromises the protective outer layers of your tooth. The most obvious symptom is pain, unfortunately. It can be quite severe, though it does not always start out that way. Chewing or applying pressure to the tooth makes it worse. Sensitivity to hot and cold items is usually part of the equation, too. And you might notice tooth discoloration or gum tenderness. There are only two treatment options: tooth extraction or our Oxnard root canal. If the tooth is removed, you will be left with empty space that is cosmetically unappealing. Furthermore, your other teeth can shift, throw your jaws out of alignment, and cause discomfort. Your chewing may even be less efficient. Our Oxnard root canal is a much better solution, and does not require oral surgery. You get to keep your tooth. The injured pulp and nerve are taken out, the canals are cleaned and disinfected, and then sealed. A crown restores the tooth back to its normal size. And with a 90% or greater success rate, you can feel confident in the results.

Our Oxnard root canal is your key to returning your tooth to its optimal state of health. Reach out to us right away to set up a timely appointment to come in.

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