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Teeth Whitening in Oxnard

It wasn’t all that long ago that when if you told someone you could make their teeth white in about an hour, they would think you were trying to put one over on them. But such is the advancements in dental technology that such things are not only possible, but done every single day. Here at Oxnard Dental, if you choose our in-office teeth whitening, you’ll walk in with stained teeth and walk out with a smile that is several shades whiter. Or you can use our convenient take-home option and see results in just a matter of days. Either way, it’s effective and safe.

The teeth whitening procedure means applying solution to your teeth, which then begins to break down the stains from sources as varied as tobacco, foods, drinks, and even medication. At our office, this solution is put on your teeth by our cosmetic dentist. And when you do our Camarillo teeth whitening at home, you wear trays that release the right amount of solution automatically. It’s not quite as strong as what we use in the office. But although the effects are gradual, the final outcome is just as good. Many people ask us to compare the products on drug store and supermarket shelves to our Camarillo teeth whitening. Over-the-counter whitening items may have abrasive ingredients that scrub the stains off. The problem with that is it can harm your enamel. That’s a big risk to take. In addition, the effects are typically not as noticeable. If you want more dramatic results, turn to us.

Our Camarillo teeth whitening lasts for about a year, or even as long as several years depending on how well you maintain the effects of it. That’s a long time to enjoy the experience of a brighter smile. Why not contact us right now and set up an appointment to come in?

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