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Oxnard Dental Office

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Oxnard dental office

Oxnard dental office

At Oxnard Dental, we perform restorative and cosmetic dental work at our Oxnard dental office to help teeth stay healthy and looking their best. Our restorative techniques include crowns and caps, fillings, veneers and teeth whitening. We perform checkups each year and encourage patients to practice preventive care at our offices when needed, like dental cleanings. Dental cleanings help ward off tooth decay and allow our dentist to clean in hard to reach places.

Preventive care includes proper brushing, flossing and oral habit routines. If proper preventive care is not followed, tooth decay can set in and cause damage to the inner tooth. Crowns and caps are used to restore teeth after restorative procedures such as root canals. Sometimes tooth decay has set in and damaged a tooth in a way that parts of the tooth need removing. Once the decay has been cleaned out, crowns are placed to restore the damaged portion so the tooth can look and function like a normal tooth again. Crowns can be used to attach bridges and to prevent cracked teeth from breaking. We also perform implants at our Oxnard dental office. Implants are small, durable titanium posts that are directly implanted into the jawbone.. They replace missing teeth and provide a permanent and stable anchor for the replacement tooth or crown to be placed over.

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